Coffee, Bread, and Oranges

SKU: 60314002

Original oil painting on stretched cotton canvas, 29 x 18 inches, customed framed as shown. This epic composition has drawn considerable attention from artists and collectors, with its strong reliance on the golden ratio in choice and placement of subjects, and in canvas proportions. The depth of color in the oranges, mug, and other objects demonstrates the effects of multiple layers of glazing over a highly-refined grisaille (grayscale or values painting). The wooden coffee spoon is the one Joseph uses every day in his kitchen, and the mug was made for him as a gift from his sister, Asheville, North Carolina potter Diane Puckett. Joseph has found that painting objects that are meaningful to him creates a strong motivation for quality of technique and provides a centuries-lasting representation of things that may be lost to impermanence.

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