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Welcome from Joseph Alexander

I am drawn to powerful relationships between shadows and lights, and to the delicious, rich colors that follow the transition from darkness into light. I love the liquid flow of fabric pouring into folds and creases, and most of all to the silky movement of light scattered into the rich diversity of skin tones. I enjoy the way tiny changes in the folds surrounding a person's eyes can drastically alter the story told by their face.


For me, there is no work of art that engages my emotions and captures the human essence quite like an oil-painted portrait. A well-done portrait brings the living spirit of its subject into your presence. It is more than skill; it is the synthesis of life, of knowing, of experience. When I begin to feel your presence in your portrait, I know I am doing is what I was meant to do.


My artistic objective is to create a few paintings in my life that do these things so well that when you turn a corner or pass through a doorway and see them for the first time, they take your breath away. 

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